Academic Meeting | Bachelor Scholarship Program (BSP)

EDU-SYRIA held an academic gathering at Zarqa University for the beneficiaries of the Bachelor Scholarship Program (BSP) on Wednesday, 13th of December 2023. A hundred students attended the meeting, focusing on promoting an open dialogue to encourage questions, suggestions, and concerns. The aim was to strengthen the commitment to supporting students and advancing their education.

Dr. Ala’ Khalifa, EDU-SYRIA Academic Supervisor, Dr. Khaled Zaedeen, ZU Dean of Admissions and Registration, and Mr. Ibrahim Al-Hariri, EDU-SYRIA Academic Advisor at Zarqa University, were present, valuing the invaluable input and perspectives shared by the students.

The meeting emphasized direct engagement with the beneficiaries, allowing them to voice queries, share suggestions, and address concerns. Discussions centered on enhancing educational pathways and creating a nurturing environment conducive to academic growth. Dr. Ala’ Khalifa stressed the commitment of EDU-SYRIA to its students, providing support and guidance for their success. He emphasized the importance of students complying with the scholarship’s rules and regulations.

Dr. Khaled Zaedeen reiterated the university’s commitment to providing a platform for students to flourish, aiming to create an inclusive environment where students feel empowered and supported in their academic endeavors. Mr. Ibrahim Al-Hariri highlighted the significance of the collaboration between EDU-SYRIA Scholarship Program and Zarqa University, emphasizing their joint commitment to deserving students and creating impactful educational opportunities.

Furthermore, Dr. Ala’ Khalifa took the opportunity to honor outstanding students, recognizing their academic achievements and dedication. In line with this commitment, a round of laptops was awarded to acknowledge their excellence and provide them with tools to further excel in their educational pursuits. As the meeting concluded, the academic team reaffirmed their commitment to continued collaboration, striving to create a nurturing educational landscape that fosters growth, inclusivity, and success for students.