In memorial of Aya Shihabeddin

EDU-SYRIA Project expresses sympathies and condolences for the death of our student Aya Shihabeddin, May Allah rest her soul in peace.

The twenty-three-year-old “Aya Shehabuddin” was a student in Nursing faculty at Zarqa University. She left her country Syria in November 2011, as a result of the destruction that took place in her neighborhood in the city of Homs, and came with her family of six members as a refugee to Jordan, she was the second daughter among her siblings.

Aya wanted to complete her academic study, after secondary school, in Jordanian universities but this was only possible after she received EDU-SYRIA scholarship – funded by the European Union, at Zarqa University, and she registered at the Nursing Faculty in the first semester of the academic year 2017.

But unfortunately, death was faster than her willing to achieve her academic ambition, as she was infected by a severe lung virus that led to her sudden death on January 8th, 2018, and she was lost to her family and colleagues at the university.

The EDU-SYRIA team expresses deep sorrow and regret over her death.


“Aya was very happy to study Nursing, as she was looking for it, she was active in attending the regular meetings we conducted at Zarqa University. Her death was really a big loss for EDU-SYRIA project and for all of her colleagues”. EDU-SYRIA Zarqa University academic advisor.