In memorial of Feras Farhan Alqataffan

EDU-SYRIA Project and Zarqa University express sympathies and condolences for the death of our student Feras Farhan Alqataffan, May Allah rest his soul in peace.

The 25-year-old Syrian student was studying Software Engineering at Zarqa University. Like many Syrians, he was forced to leave his country because of the war circumstances on 26th  February 2012, and he resorted to the neighbor country Jordan with his wife, “Nada”.

Despite all the tragic circumstances that Feras experienced, he still wanted to finish his university studies. Therefore, he registered in the BSC program at Zarqa University in the field of software engineering, and he was awarded a scholarship funded by the European Union project under the Edu-Syria program in the first semester of 2016.

Unfortunately, Feras could not fulfill his academic ambition as he passed away at the end of the semester in 2016, when he was exposed to a bombing attack on his town, during a visit he conducted to Syria, leaving behind also his wife Nada and his 3-year-old child, Othman.

The EDU-SYRIA team expresses deep sorrow and regret over his death.


“Feras was a diligent student who dreamed to be a software engineer, although he was at the beginning of his academic degree, he showed a good performance and a dedication to his studies ” EDU-SYRIA Zarqa University academic advisor.